About Synergy

Responding to an ever-increasing need for strategic and collaborative restoration planning, Synergy Ecological Restoration became established in 2014 with a mission “To develop enduring restoration solutions for our lands and waters through the creation of diverse public- private partnerships.” Our board of directors coalesced in the summer of 2014 to develop this mission and define our goals and programmatic focus. Synergy is in the process of becoming an IRS-designated 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and is currently established as a non-profit organization in the state of Colorado. Our clientele include government, non-profit, for profit entities, and private land owners.

Radiating out from Fort Collins, Synergy serves the High Plains, Northwestern Great Plains, and Southern Rockies ecoregions as a priority. Our four primary goals include:

  1. Enhance the ability of public, private, and philanthropic partners to provide for effective long-term restoration of important lands and waters;
  2. Address the highest priority restoration needs that are currently unattended to (i.e., restoration strategies for habitat/buffer areas around S1-S3/G1-G3 species and communities; post-oil & gas restoration; Development of plant materials for restoration, etc.);
  3. Enhance the practice and efficacy of restoration in the Colorado Front Range via strategic partnerships with unconventional partners such as landscape architects, the construction industry; developers, and others;
  4. Create unique fundraising strategies that increase the availability of funding for Synergy and partner organizations for short- and long-term restoration planning, design, implementation, and monitoring.

Three Keystone Programs

Synergy accomplishes our mission through the management of three programs:


Facilitate public-private-philanthropic partnerships to provide landscape, watershed, and ecosystem-scale restoration planning, design, and implementation solutions, with a focus on long-term restoration effectiveness;


Develop highly performing and broadly skilled hand crews for restoration services via training and strategic partnerships with existing volunteer and youth corps groups (i.e., Trout Unlimited, Ducks Unlimited, local volunteer groups, local conservation corps, etc.); and


Improve both the practice, knowledge, and efficacy of restoration treatments utilized in the management of rural, wild, and urban landscapes by diverse partners (construction industry, landscaping industry, farming community, developers, and various natural resources agencies, non-profits, and other entities).

The Southern Rockies Seed Network is our seminal program (link to Seed Network page).