Current Programs and Projects

Southern Rockies Seed Network

Synergy is very proud to announce the launch of the Southern Rockies Seed Network, a broad partnership of Industry representatives, non-profit organizations, and Federal, State, and Local Agencies dedicated to increasing the availability of native ecotypic plant materials needed for restoration.

The Southern Rockies Seed Network Operational Plan

2015 Restoration Training Program Launched!

In collaboration with Rocky Mountain Flycasters, AloTerra Restoration Services, and Golder Associates, Synergy Ecological Restoration will be assisting in the development of a training aimed at post-flood restoration needs and the development of plant materials for the Southern Rockies Seed Network. Three trainings are scheduled at this time: Training Schedule.

Big Thompson Watershed Coalition

Synergy is working with local coalitions, land owners, non-profit organizations, and government agencies to develop a 501(c)(3) organization capable of address complex planning, design, and implementation efforts for the Big Thompson Watershed.