Southern Rockies Seed Network

The Southern Rockies Seed Network was born in 2014 to address the unmet demand for ecotypic seed in our region. The frequency of ecological disturbance caused by wildfires, floods, recreation, urban sprawl, mining, and oil & gas development is increasing at a steady rate throughout the Southern Rockies and High Plains. In light of this disturbance pressure, the ecotypic plant materials necessary to restore these disturbances are largely unavailable, economically impractical, or are comprised of native plant cultivars originating from outside of the ecoregion (Northern Montana, Canada, New Zealand, etc.). Collaborating with dozens of agency, non-profit organizations, and private sector partners, the Southern Rockies Seed Network is working to develop an appropriate seed source necessary to maintain the genetic, water quality, wildlife habitat, hunting and fishing, grazing, and recreation benefits that our forests and grasslands provide.

The Southern Rockies Seed Network Operational Plan

Plant Materials YellowPages Available For Habitat Restoration

The YellowPages includes a list of vendors carrying ecotypic (i.e., locally adapted) native plants for flood-recovery, in the form of seed and container stock, as well as a comprehensive list of seed vendors and nurseries who sell native plants for Colorado.

Volunteer Projects and Trainings

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2016 Annual Meeting, December 7th

Join the partners, stakeholders, advisory board, and technical advisory committee of the Southern Rockies Seed Network to explore key issues in the development of ecotypic plant materials. Help develop ecotypic plant materials for ecological restoration in the Southern Rockies.

Please click here to for more details, including agenda, location, and how to register.

Technical Advisory Committee

Amy Ansari, Wildlands Restoration Volunteers
Megan Bowes, City of Boulder Open Space & Mountain Parks (OSMP)
Dana Christensen, Retired plant breeder (CSU)
Sara Copp, Great Ecology/CO Native Plant Society
Randy Crowl, Colorado Seed Lab
Deryn Davidson, CSU - Boulder County Extension
Carol Dawson, Bureau of Land Management (BLM) - Colorado
Claire DeLeo, Bounty County Parks & Open Space
John Giordanengo, Synergy Ecological Restoration
Katie Haynes, USFS - Med Bow Routt
Kristina Hufford, University of Wyoming (UWY)
Rebecca Kao, Denver Botanic Gardens (DBG)
Randy Mandel, Great Ecology
Dan Manier, USGS
Matt Norville, GIS technician & NR Steward
Rick Novak, Colorado State University, Dpt of Soil & Crop Sc.
Mark Paschke, Colorado State University
Randy Reichert, USFS, Society for Range Management
Crystal Strouse, City of Fort Collins, Natural Areas Program
Jeremy Sueltenfuss, Synergy Ecological Restoration (CNHP)
Jim Tolstrup, High Plains Environmental Center
Alex Tonneson, Western Native Seed
Larry Vickerman, Denver Botanic Gardens (DBG)
Sarah Ward, Colorado State Univeristy
Denise Wilson, Wilson Associates Inc
Kay Wiseman, Synergy