Training Program for Ecological Restoration

The capacity necessary to restore ecological disturbances in our region is limited in part by trained and skilled field crews. In partnership with Rocky Mountain Flycasters, AloTerra Restoration Services and Golder Associates, Synergy is providing training for youth corps and volunteer groups in the following areas: Erosion Control, Upland Revegetation, Riparian area Restoration, Crew Leadership for Ecological Restoration, and a variety of restoration skills trainings. If your group is interested in attending one of our trainings below, or in setting up a training tailored to your group, please
call John at 970-420-7346 or email

Training dates

Please contact John to sign up.

All trainees receive mentorship before they lead crews.

Ecological Restoration Training, April 1-2, 2017 ($50-$100)

Topics will include seeding, transplanting, willow restoration skills, erosion control, volunteer management, outdoor leadership, and crew leadership. Location in Larimer County. Click here to see the full event flyer.

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